Costa Rica

Costa Rica might be the most famous ecotourism destination in the world today. Mention of the name Costa Rica brings to mind waterfalls, mountains with cloud forests and pristine beaches. The country abounds with national parks and protected reserves.

Costa Ricans are called Ticos (for their way of forming diminutives in Spanish). The majority of the Ticos live in the Central Valley. The Central Valley encompasses the cities of San José, Cartago, Alajuela and Heredia. Most of the business and transportation is based out of this region. Costa Rica has a diverse ethnic, linguistic and cultural heritage.

This Central American nation offers some of the most beautiful coastline on both the Pacific and Caribbean. You might see iguanas, sloths, and exotic birds on the white and black sand beaches, Volcanoes, rainforests and plenty of outdoor activities await you in Costa Rica. As the Ticos say it is “pura vida” (pure life) here in Costa Rica.

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