Nicaragua is a diverse country with many educational and tourism opportunities. Traditionally Nicaragua is divided geographically into three zones. The Pacific region is comprised of the capital Managua, colonial cities Leon & Granada, the volcanic chain and famous beaches such as San Juan del Sur. Surfing is a major past time on the Pacific Coast. In Lake Nicaragua you will find the only lake in the world with freshwater sharks as well as the island of Ometepe , which has two active volcanoes.

The mountainous northern cities of Estelí, Matagalpa & Jinotega have a milder climate. Estelí is the home of the country’s tobacco production. Matagalpa is the center of the coffee-producing region. Jinotega has the distinction of being the coldest city in Nicaragua. Just to south of these cities you will Boaco and Chontales which are the cattle producing area of Nicaragua.

The Caribbean coast is a relatively new addition to Nicaragua. This area was a British colony until it was incorporated into Nicaragua in the late 19th century. Puerto Cabezas (Bilwi) is the capital of the northern Caribbean region (RAAN). This is the home to the indigenous groups of Miskito and Mayagna peoples who languages are very much alive on the coast. 40 miles off the coast you will find the legendary Miskito Keys. The capital of the southern region (RAAS) is the port city of Bluefields. Here the Afro-Caribbean culture is very much alive and English is the main spoken language. Off the coast of Bluefields you will find the lush beaches of Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island.

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