Panama is home to the marvel of engineering that allows ships to travel the world more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The canal made Panama a household name, however, the country is much more than just a shipping route. Panama is the hub of business in Central America. Panama City provides a skyline to rival that of Miami. This is the economic capital of the region.

Panama is the narrowest strip of land in Central America. This allows for easy travel to both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. The country is dotted with magnificent islands to both the east and the west.

History is everywhere in this country. You can find Spanish ruins and forts throughout Panama. There is a long legacy of colonial Spanish rule. However, many indigenous groups have kept their cultures intact. Perhaps the most famous group is the Kuna. Traditionally the Kuna live in the San Blas Islands and create the famous molas (colorful panels of fabric), which you will see throughout the country.

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